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Tips and tricks for search

Use truncation

Write a * at the end of a word.
For example. Patient *. In this way you will get: patient, patients, medical records, etc..

Expand search fields
Looking for a specific title, author or subject you can benefit from extending the search box.

Refine your search

You can refine your search by selecting one or more facets in the left column. Here you may limit/define your search to material type, language, author and year.
If you regret your definition, just click on it again.
You can also limit your search by adding a second keyword in the search box. If you want an article in a journal, you can add "journal article" to your keywords. Ex .: "inclusive education school journal article"
By default, results are sorted by "relevance", but it is also possible to sort by "publishing - newest first" using the scroll bar on the right.
Additional help
If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact our staff.