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Mendeley - your reference manager


Access Mendeley: www.mendeley.com.

Mendeley is "a global research collaboration platform", meaning that Mendeley can be much more than just a reference management tool.

You can use Mendeley as a reference management tool as for example RefWorks, Reference Manager, Endnote and Zotero. Mendeley offers an easy solution to collect citations and references from professional databases, websites, publishers etc.

You can organize your own professional Mendeley reference database in order to get easy access and an easy overview of the literature you need to cite in future publications and you can generate the final reference list, based on the "styles" required to complete your assignment.

Mendeley also allows you to collaborate with other students on collecting references for example by joint projects.

How to collect?

After having installed two bookmarks:  Mendeley Desktop and "Save to Mendeley" in your browser, Mendeley is ready to collect and save references found online with a single click.

Subsequently and without much effort, you can edit the metadata related to the individual reference (author, title, publication type, etc.). In addition, Mendeley can handle the article itself or the book in PDF or other formats. This option means that you can organize an archive of your own articles, and not only have a register of references.

Mendeley also offers to index the full text of your PDF files. Note that not all articles are "cleared" for upload, a large part of the scientific articles are not open access

Citation / compilation of a bibliography

Mendeley works with both Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, Libre Office and LaTeX / BibTEX. This means that you can easily retrieve the relevant references into your document from your Mendeley library while writing. Most of the time, it only requires a few individual installations, which can be found at www.mendeley.com. (Link is external)

Once your document is complete, you can insert a bibliography or literature list automatically. Mendeley uses the same list as Zotero, for the preparation of citations styles, including APA, Harvard, Vancouver and others.

Mendeley allows you to share these collections of references with others. You can share in closed forums, such as study groups, institutes and so on, but you can also choose to share references in public groups, such as interest groups.

How do You get started?

Mendeley offers self-study via online tutorials :)




Access tutorials and videos to get started with Mendeley