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How to search for books

How to search books and articles in Danish:

  • Select "Materials"
  • Write your keywords in the search box
  • You can search on everything. It may be author, subject, year, type of material etc..
  • See also "Tips & tricks for searching," if you want to know how to truncate etc..

You can sort your search result by: 
  • Title 
  • Author 
  • Release year

Clarify and define your search 
  • Click and select one or more categories 
  • Select one or more words in the category 
  • Click "Show more" if you want more choices in each category

How do you know if the book is available? 

  • the Book icon will turn green, it means that the book is available within the Absalon campus libraries.
  • Click on the title to see in which department the book is available
Is the book available?
  • In the overview you can see where the book is available.
  • If it is not available at your own department, your librarian can reserve the book and it will be sent to you from one of the other departments within one or two days
  • Books from the reference collection, specialist classrooms and teacher copies can not be borrowed or accessed.