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Campus Kalundborg

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Here you can book a librarian.

If you or your group are engaged in information retrieval in connection with a bachelor's project or main thesis, it is possible to book guidance time at a librarian. The instructions last 30-60 minutes. The offer is addressed to students at University College Absalon. You have only booked a librarian when you received an answer to your mail with confirmation of the date and time.

book en bi

You can get directions to the following:

     to build a search strategy
     to select relevant databases
     to search specific databases

Information we need:

     number of group members
     subject and possibly problem definition
     where you searched - and what did you get out of your searches?
     Mine. 2 date wishes

Campus Kalundborg

University College Absalon Library – your source of knowledge

Welcome to the library. We are always open. The library is your short cut to knowledge at all hours of the day.


University College Absalon Library

The library at Campus Kalundborg accommodates bachelor degrees in Biomedical Laboratory Science, Engineering in Biotechnology and Mechanical Engineering The 8 campus libraries which are located in Roskilde, Holbæk, Kalundborg, Vordingborg, Næstved, Nykøbing, Slagelse og Sorø have a close cooperation. We daily exchange books and other materials across our campus libraries.


Openings Hours

NB: During Covid-19 the library is closed

You can always get help and guidance at the library during our opening hours: Tuesdays and Fridays 8.00-14.00 - our digital library is open 24/7.


Book a librarian – and get personal guidance

Do you need instructions on how to find and use our databases? Or do you need help searching for literature for your papers? Then use the option to Book- a- librarian and get an appointment with personal instruction and guidance.




Martin Læssøe Lind
7248 3222