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Library Regulations

Library Regulations

For students, employees and course participants at University College Absalon


To use the library you need to be registered as a library user


Who can be registered as a borrower

All students, employees and course participants at University College Absalon


What is your library card

Your health insurance card/ social security number along with a pin code works as your library card


As a new student you are automatically registered as a borrower once you start your education. Employees are also as a registered as borrowers. As a foreign student you might not be registered with your social security no. - ask your librarian for help and update us with your correct numbers.


Loans and returns, what should you look out for?

You are personally responsible for what you borrow and for giving the borrowed materials back on time. Lost or damaged materials will have to be replaced.

Recall and reservation notices and reservation will be sent by mail (Your edu.pha mail) and/or SMS.

Can I make reservations?

You can reservere all materials free of charge.

If you find materials on the library shelf, you have the first right to borrow it, rather than the borrower who has reserved it online.

When the material is ready for pickup, you get an email or a text message. The materials must be collected within 7 days.

Is it possible to renew loans?

If the material is not reserved, you may renew your loans up to 8 times. You log on to the library webpage to renew your loans. It is not possible to renew materials  until 14 days before the due date. If you experience any problems then contact your campus librarian.


How long may you borrow materials?


Loan period


30 days

Audiovisual materials/dvd

7 days


7 days


cannot be borrowed

“Semesterhyldebøger” 1 day (only at campus)


The loan periods may differ.  You will be able to check the loan period as well as the date of return on you receipt.


Interlibrary loan

The library participates in an interlibrary loan (ILL) cooperation within all Danish libraries and offers to get materials that we don't have in our own collection at University College Absalon. The conditions for these materials follow the lending library's rules.

How notifications, recalls, compensation claiims and reminders works

As a service you will receive a reminder as a mail/SMS 4 days before the due date.





4 days before the material is due



Loan exceeded with 1 day

Claim for compensation

(sent to your E-boks*)

Loan exceeded with 38 days

Compensation claim reminder

(sent to your E-boks*)

Loan exceeded with 48 days

Notification that your right to loan is to be revoked

(sent to your E-boks*)

Loan exceeded with 58 days

The compensations claim is handed over to SKAT in our library system


Loan exceeded with 68 days


*If you do not have an “e-boks” we will to attempt to mail you instead


Distribution of reminders, recalls and other communication is a service that may fail due to technical problems. Not that it is your own responsibility to return materials on time.


What happens if you do not return the borrowed material on time?

You will receive a compensation claim in your “e-boks” or alternatively in your mailbox once you owe the library more than 50 kr in fines or if your borrowed material(s) have not been returned.


Time/period of loan exceeded

Fines *

1-7 days overdue

5 kr. per item

8-30 days overdue

10 kr. per item

31-37 days overdue

25 kr. per item

38 days or more overdue

The price of the material

+ overdue fines

+ 50 kr. in administration fees

68 days overdue

The compensations claim is handed over to SKAT in our library system**


* Fines are not charged until you either return or renew your materials - or when you receive your claim of compensation.


** Once the claim has been handed over to SKAT you will no longer be able to return the materials. Instead you will have to pay the full amount on the claim.


Employees from Absalon do not pay fines for exceeding the return date but will have to pay compensation for lost og broken materials.



If you owe the library more than 200 kr i fines you will be banned from borrowing and reserving books and other materials 7 days after you have received a written notification. If you have 1 or more materials with compensation claim(s) we will be able to exclude you from borrowing and reserving without further notice.

It is possible to return materials and only pay the remaining fines up until the case has been handed over to SKAT.


Once you pay your outstandings you will be able to use the library again.

How do you pay fees and damages?

  • The due amount can be paid via bank transfer.

  • You can not pay in cash at the libraries.

  • Transfer the amount to the Danske Bank to bank reg. 3100 account no. 3100176033.

  • Remember to add your name, date of birth and invoice number in messages to the recipient

  • Note that it may last up to a week before your payment is registered on your library account.


If you have any questions:


Tina Johansen

Ph. 7248 1466 / mail: tij@pha.dk